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Chamber Strategic Pillars

Galway Chamber Strategy

The Galway Chamber five 2020 Strategic Pillars endeavour to address the opportunities and challenges for Our Galway.

Backing Galway Business
Galway Chamber is, and has always been, dedicated to Backing Galway Businesses to achieve success in our Galway.

Get Galway Moving
Our initiative, Get Galway Moving, began last year with the objective of bringing the many stakeholders together in reimagining how we can move around Galway City and County.

Living: Galway Style!
The population of Galway City is expected to increase by 50% over the next 20 years and, in the ideal, there will also be an increase in suitable and affordable housing designed within walking distance of our city and town centres. with easy access to education campuses, amenities, entertainment with universal broadband connectivity.

Evolving Galway
Building a sustainable future for Our Galway requires us to support innovative projects that maximise the use of Galway’s rich natural resources, aid in the planning of progressive transportation and vital broadband networks and foster the continued introduction and expansion of programmes such as the Galway Technology Centre and The Galway City Innovation District.

Growing with/in Galway
The achievement of our Strategic Pillars depends on the participation and vision of members, guided by our Council that makes policy and sets priorities.