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The not-for-profit Galway City Innovation District CLG was founded in 2015 to attract creators, innovators and entrepreneurs who wish to work in close proximity to others in a supportive and connected environment in Galway’s inner city, as well as young technology companies with strong growth potential and, eventually larger companies and multinationals.

In answer to this, GCID set up the the PorterShed a downtown in novation hub that houses high-potential start-ups, innovation-driven entrepreneurs, a co-working space, and an open events area for workshops/talks.

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The Galway City Innovation District, operating as the PorterShed, is a dynamic and thriving innovation hub that fuels the growth of startups and fosters a collaborative entrepreneurial ecosystem. Boasting two locations in Galway City centre, both PorterShed a hAon and PorterShed a Dó are located just a quick 30-second walk away from Shop Street.

The PorterShed offers an array of cutting-edge amenities, encompassing a diverse range of spaces and services. These include flexible hot-desking options, a professional-grade podcasting and production studio, dedicated desks for individual use, and a versatile event space. With its state-of-the-art facilities, the PorterShed provides a dynamic environment designed to cater to the diverse needs of its community members.


Since opening in 2015, the PorterShed have seen a huge increase in traffic through its doors. Currently housing over 45 member companies, the PorterShed's narrative unfolds at a remarkable speed, and alongside it, the stories of the companies it supports continue to flourish. 


From the very beginning, the mission has centred around generating high-value, sustainable employment opportunities in Galway. Since then, an impressive 835 jobs have been created, accompanied by a remarkable €35 million of inward investment into the region by its members. As the next chapters of this journey unfold, there is great anticipation for the many more success stories and contributions that lie ahead.